OTA 2016 Organic Industry Survey: 2015 US fresh organic produce sales reached $13 billion

July 15, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Monterey , CA US ( July 14, 2016 ) — Americans are gobbling up more organic fruits and vegetables than ever before, from organic blueberries and organic apples to organic packaged greens and cut-up organic vegetables ready for their children's lunch box or their family's dinner plate. Over half of all households in the United States now purchase organic produce.


The sale of organic bananas alone – now a $165 million market – soared by more than 30 percent last year. Organic "value-added" vegetables (think chopped kale, peeled carrots and ready-to-cook squash) grew by a whopping 54 percent in 2015 to almost $150 million. 


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