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 Nov 3, 2015 1:33:00 AM

Can beer save bees?

The Hill

A key ingredient in beer will be used to protect honeybees from extinction.  Read more >>


Harvesting the Research: Natural Enemies of Crop Pests Can Replace Insecticides

Food Tank


Food Tank spoke with Dr. Mattias Jonsson, lead author of a paper on biological pest control. Biological control of pests is considered a key ecosystem service for the ecological intensification of agriculture.The overall message: Biological control can vary according to land use.


The authors present a conceptual ecological model for quantifying the ecosystem service of biological pest control across different production schemes in Sweden. Read more >>



Natural Capital Protocol: Valuing Ecological Farming Practices 

About Health


Imagine if business leaders scrutinized the environmental deficit of valuable natural resources as vigorously as policymakers tackled federal budget deficits.According to new research by Trucost, a research firm that helps companies and investors manage risk and create sustainable growth, agriculture is a huge contributor to this environmental deficit, resulting in global environmental costs of US$3.33 trillion per year. Read more >>


The Top 5 Food Problems Americans Want the Next President to Fix

Civil Eats


From access to government subsidies to workers’ rights, Americans are increasingly seeing food as political. Read more >>


This Giant Van Gogh Painting Is Made of Pumpkins, Watermelons, and Squash

Smithsonian Magazine


How crop artist Stan Herd made an acre-wide ode to "Olive Trees"Read more: Read more >>