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Dec 14, 2016 9:05:20 PM

Georgia sees historic growth of organic farms with ground breaking partnership

The Covington NEWS

Georgia Organics and Georgia Department of Agriculture set a goal to certify 100 organic farms by winter 2016 and surpassed it by spring 2016 ending the year with a 45% increase. This  brings the number of certified Organic farms and livestock operations up to 110. Read More>>

 This farm is trying to change the future of Organic pork

RODALE'S Organic Life

The Rodale Institute has created a system to give hogs the freedom to graze freely around 8 acres of field planted with small grains, oats, beets and more. This system could help drop the costs of running an operation if managed properly, the hogs loosen the soil and fertilize with their manure leaving the workers with healthy soil that doesn't need to be tilled as often. Read More>>

Webinar on International Organic Product Prices

News From OTA

OTA's International team will present an analysis on over 2,000 product prices on Dec.21 @ 2pm EST. Producers Interested in selling abroad the U.S. may find this information helpful. They will also be sharing the 2017 U.S. Organic Worldwide Program Calendar. Read More>>

USDA's NASS releases Organic Certifier Survey

News From OTA

NASS released the results for the 2014-2015 Organic Certifier Survey. The survey included a number of certified organic operations along with acres certified and the number of livestock and poultry certified. Read More>>

COTA attends Mexico Alimentaria 2016

News From OTA

The Secretary Of Agriculture in Mexico invited COTA to attend Mexico Alimentaria 2016 as a part of an International delegation. The team responsible for implementing the Mexican organic standards, SINESECA,met with COTA's Director of International and Regulatory Affairs. Read More>>

OTA Responds to Allegations of Organic Crop Insurance Fraud

News From OTA

The Farm Journal published an article on Dec. 9, " Organic Crop Insurance Abuse Hide in Plain Sight". The OTA Farm Policy Director, Nate Lewis submitted a response noting that some of the observations and conclusions made, "Make us question his understanding of crop insurance and organic production". Read More>>

Dairy Market News


A recent Organic Market News report indicated a general rise in Organic Milk Sales between 2015-2016. In Europe the average farm prices of organic milk are lower than a year ago but higher than previous months. The Northeast organic creamery producing organic grass-fed milk yogurt have doubled in sales, and New England report an increase in the utilization of organic milk. Read More>>