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Jan 3, 2017 10:15:54 PM

Apprenticeships on a production- oriented organic farm

The Prairie Star

The owners of Villicus Farms near Havre, Montana are offering two organic apprenticeship for 2017. The farm grows an array of crops using a seven year rotation. The apprenticeship is paid with room and board.
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USDA Makes it Easier to Transfer Land to New Generation of Farmers and Ranchers


Starting January 9, 2017 the USDA will grant an early termination for Conservation Reserve Program contracts. This will make the transfer to next generation farmers, ranchers, and family members much easier. Read More>>


USDA grants boosts Volcanic Peppers

Omaha World-Herald

The USDA grants Tim Bader, owner and founder of Volcanic Peppers $49,996 to market and process the companies hot sauces. This grant was part of the 1.4 million distributed by the USDA to 17 business throughout Nebraska. Read More>>

Will 2017 be the year we get serious about sustainable food?

The Guardian

Farmers are not convinced that changing their pesticide and practices for the required three years for results is worth the financial investment. A soil science professor argues farmers would be making more money with smaller crops because organic produce can call for higher prices. Read More>> 

Produce companies seek to create chance with organic products

Nogales International

The US organic market has tripled in size since 2002 and now includes more than22,000 certified organic operations. According to the USDA's Agriculture Marketing Service this contributes to more than $43 billion in retail sales. Read More>>

Opportunities for natural and organic Colombian products in Canada

Fresh Plaza

Canadian consumers are in search of natural and organic foods as well as "ready to eat" products. The country has brought in many immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Latin America which has led to an increase in demand. Read More>>