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Jan 18, 2017 1:19:21 AM

Board aims to promote organic sales in the UK

The Organic Trade Board is in partnership with Organic Denmark and have been awarded 10.4 million euros from the EU. 

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What will the Trump administration mean for the food industry?


With Donald Trump getting sworn in on  January 20, 2017 he still has not nominated someone to head the USDA causing major concerns on the regulations of food. Read More>>

Livestock groups upset about another 'Midnight' regulation


Organic producers are not happy about the new regulation made. The NPPC feels the standards are based on public perception . Read More>>

Agroecology is blooming in Argentina


Argentina is the leading agroecology producer in Latin America, and second in the world due to a failed model that has left producers disappointed and worried. Read More>>

Mid-American Organic Association Conference

MotherEarth News

Mid-American Organic Association is holding it's eighth annual conference January 25-28 in Kansas City MO. They will discuss soil building, regenerative growing and permaculture and will have nationally recognized speakers. Read More>>