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Mar 28, 2017 7:18:13 PM

Study: Organic food in 82%of U.S. households


A Nielsen survey revealed organic items were found on the shelves of kitchen cupboards and in the refrigerators of 82.3% of American households in 2016, the Washington-based Organic Trade Association said March 23.

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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market opens 57th store in Canton, MI


Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in Canton, Michigan just opened up another store putting them in competition with other existing stores like Busch's grocery, Kroger, and Meijer. Read More>>

Naval farmers associations receive organic farming facilities


DA-Western Visayas represented by Dr. Carlos De la Cruz, regulatory division chief, turned-over said facilities to the local government of Naval represented by Vice Mayor Vicente Curso, Provincial Board Member Miguel Casas, and Municipal Agriculturist Nascencia Abad who in turn handed over the facilities to include two backpack sprayers from the Local Government Unit of Naval to the barangay captains concerned and presidents of the four farmers associations. Read More>>

Experts task farmers on organic farming


People are going organic because they are becoming food conscious and that can help Nigeria to form a new attitude as far as organic is concerned. Read More>>

As USDA ponders checkoff program, more Americans are buying organics.


In January, the USDA released plans to create an industry-funded program to promote organic foods, known as a checkoff program. Read More>>

USDA announces it won't test food for roundup


The USDA tests for a broad range of pesticides regularly, so the mere fact that it will not test for glyphosate is unsettling. Read More>>