What we're reading this week

Feb 7, 2017 3:52:51 PM

Frontier Co-op joins Alliance for Advanced Sanitation


The Alliance for Advanced Sanitation focuses on food safety hazards, microbial pathogens and water conservation. 

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Many recalls, but safe consumers: The ripple effect of ingredient contamination


Valley Milk Products made a recall on powdered milk and buttermilk, which has affected ore than 30 companies. Read More>>

State organic certification program faces financial woes


The New Mexico Organic Certification Program is struggling financially and has proposed five alternative funding options. Read More>>

 COPAC welcomes newest members and chair


The COPAC had their first meeting of 2017 and introduced six new committee members. Read More>>

Organic farming confab set for Feb. 17-18


New Mexico Organic Farming Conference will be held Feb. 17-18 in Albuquerque. The conference will provide information for organic, and conventional farm operations. Read More>>

How mobile technologies are helping small, rural farmers grow their businesses


In the last seven years the use of technology solutions have increased in developing countries due to the high mobile phone adoption. Read More>>